Beyond Bronze Spray Tan Liquid (946ml) – Premium yet affordable tan

Beyond Bronze Spray Tan Liquid (946ml) – Premium yet affordable tan

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Growing the brand by listening to our customers, we have formulated the ultimate in ‘affordable’ tan. Beyond Bronze, is a spray tan liquid that is tailored to all skin tones, complexions and lifestyles and is formulated using the finest of premium ingredients that in the past were reserved only for luxury tanning products. Having Beyond Bronze as an option for your clients, will allow you to offer a lower cost tanning treatment, or a ‘weekend tan’, which will offer flawless tanning results for a shorter period of time.

The Know How

Beyond Bronze Spray Tan Liquid by Fake Bake, is the solution for all salons and therapists whether on a budget, wishing to implement promotions or offer a cheaper alternative for their clients. The liquid uses lower concentrations of naturally-derived premium tanning agents DHA, DMI and Erythrulose that provide fantastic results at a very impressive price. The solution is available in two sizes: 946ml and US Gallon.

Size: 946ml (32Fl Oz)

Skin Types: Normal, Oily, Dry

Skin Tones: Fair, Medium, Dark

Development Time: 6-8 hours

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